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I got tagged by vegeta573

Feb. 3rd, 2007 | 02:35 pm
You can find me...: The couch
Feeling...: bouncy bouncy

RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own with 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

I got a busy day of nappin to do so this had better be quick or something's getting shredded later.

1. I can't crap without kicking the litter in my box into a pyramid then plopping my butt right on top of the sand mountain, shit in on the mount and then burry the turd underneath the entirety of my litter sand because I just love to play with my crap.

2. I have to slap Paul on the nose at least once I week or else I can't sleep.

3. I horde milk rings under the couch. If I don't horde them then the white kitty might play with them, and she can't THERE MINE!

4. My favorite candy is Skittles.

5. When I walk past something that smells strange I have to sniff it 3 times in triplicate before I can be satisfied the item isn't a bomb.

6. My toys win more than I do. I suck.

7. Cats actually DONT always land on there feet. Yesterday I fell off the couch trying to lay down. Trust me I hit the floor on my rump and my tail is still kinda sore.

8. I sleep better upside down.

9. Things that jingle piss me off. The people think I am "playing" when I smack the jingle toys. Fuck that! I'm trying to beat them into shutting the hell up with the jingling noises! It's like punching that salvation army santa with his own bell at christmas.

10. I love slow chases with Mandy. I always pretend I'm OJ Simpson and she's the cops tryin to get me! It's great until I forget why I was running and she wins. Damn cops always bringin the grey cat down!

I now tag. mooglekittygirl
and scottym

and you can all feel free to blaim Dennis for this cause I'm a cat and I don't know anyone other than you guys!

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New toy, new toy, new toy, new tooooooy!

Jan. 31st, 2007 | 01:28 am
You can find me...: My carpet
Feeling...: enthralled enthralled

Aw man this is great! I love this thing. It's the freakin shiiiit. It has feathers, it's bright and temptingly smells like something I wanna chew and I don't even know why! God it just floats in mid air right in front of me like... something that floats! God it makes me just wanna chew it! Man I must have done something awesome to deserve this thing. My people totally love me man. They'll even play this thing with me. It is totally the best! i love new toys! Love em! This is just like that holiday where the soda guys fills the peoples socks with candy and steals there cookies! ONLY BETTER!

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I wanna sunbath!

Jan. 20th, 2007 | 12:34 pm
Feeling...: annoyed annoyed

I hate that stupid white kitty. She's so mean to me.

The people say that the bed is for all of us yet she gets all mean when try and sit on it with her. There's plenty of room lady! I mean the bed is like 4 times the size of our people and the people are 10 times the size of US so thats like 14hundred times large enough for you and I to get some sun together.

So what if you sick. You don't look too sick to me! Playin with that toy, runnin all around the bed romping and hopping where I SHOULD BE NAPPING!!! Your mean!

I just want to have a corner of the soft part in the sunlight but everytime I try and lay down you go and hiss at me.

And then there is the whole I can't crap in your sandbox thing too. What the hell is up with that man!? I mean you don't even know how to shit properly, I'm just trying to show you how. First you gotta build the pyramid. If you can't figure out how to make a mountain to hide your poop in look I can't help you.

Fine if your gonna sit on the bed and get all the love and attention from the People well then I don't need you. I dont neeeed you or the stupid people. Your gonna miss me when I'm gone. Vroom I'm gone, I'm the shadow.

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Friggin white kitty's got some serious attitude.

Jan. 18th, 2007 | 03:49 pm
You can find me...: Mt Red Couch of DOOM!
Feeling...: curious curious
Hearing the sounds of...: People stuff on the teevee

The white kitty is being a bitch lately. Yeah more so than usual. Not just to me either! A few days ago she hissed at my Person and I didn't like that. Then this morning she went all crazy hissing at her litter box. It's not the poop boxes fault you can't crap lady!

Yeah so anyway when she puked earlier and the People got all up in arms I thought it was the last straw for them. They called someone, packed her up in a bag with her favorite blanket and hoisted her right out the door. While they were gone I was on cloud nine man. I ran all over the house, rubbed my face on all her stuff claiming it in the name of me and got good and comfy in her room trying to decide if I needed to change anything cause it was mine now.

And then they brought her back home! Man, I was THIS close to having my own walk-in closet! Well hell. They took her in the bedroom shut the door in my face and turned on the vaccum. Well at least they are torturing her a little bit. That I'm okay with. But I'm still paws down against bringing her back here. I mean all she does is sleep eat and grumble.

I am totally the best kitty in this house. Thats why I get four rooms to run around in and she only gets the one. The one with that big... awesome... walk-in closet... >.> stupid friggin white kitty. They even put the sign back up on the door that says "WARNING! Grey Kitty Free Zone (crash this means you)" Pfft thats fine I don't care at all. I didn't wanna go in there anyways. She can have her stupid one small little room,... with her own bathroom and the big people bed. Yeah well I didn't wanna go in her room anyways! It stinks and doesn't even have a couch!

Grrr. LEMMIE IN THAT ROOM! *scratches at door mrewing* Fine! I'll go sleep on the big couch, but know, this isn't over. Not at all. I can go Vroom. And when I do doors magically open. Cause, yeah... MAGIC!

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New Bed. All mine. MINE!

Jan. 9th, 2007 | 11:34 am

The people gave me there bed! They bought a new one that is so huge the white kitty and I both can lay on it and not even have to smell each other and cause the people love me sooooo much more than that stupid white kitty they gave me there old bed and put it in my room! I don't even mind that I have to eat and poop in the living room now cause having my own bed all to myself is definately worth it. I spent all day yesterday snuggled up inside the blankets napping in the sun. Mmm life is so good.

Sometimes I doubt it, but I know my People really love me.

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Happy New Nip! The people are home! The people are home!

Jan. 5th, 2007 | 02:42 am
You can find me...: The cat tree
Feeling...: actively lazy actively lazy

It has been a long time since I have bothered to make a posting on this computer journal, there has been a reason for that. Things have been busy! Between naps and such life has been just one big over schedualed mess.

Everything from the people bringing me to a whole new home, them bringing in another cat which I was never consulted about to them leaving for an extended time where I was left with the other said annoying cat and some nice lady who came to feed us everyday weither we wanted it or not. Well who am I kidding there, I always want food. It's food!

All that being said things here are fairly good. I don't mind the new place we live in, it smells much better than the last one and is much bigger. I even have my own room! Which I don't even have to share with the other cat! To tell you the truth I'll be happy anywhere I can scratch my claws and snuggle my tree. Though I gotta tell you it was not easy to get used to this new home, I kept getting confused where I left my mousie balls!

Now the matter of the other cat, well thats something else entirely!

When they first brought her into my home, well I was overwrought with anger, grief and annoyance. She was kept in the tiny bathroom and I was fine with that! Keep her away from all my stuff and that was fine with me, but then the people let her wander around my house and well that was the last straw. What a crock! I couldn't stand for that oh no so I walked up to her sniffed a few times and introduced myself to her with my claws. Holy hell did the people not like that!

The nerve of them! Bringing another cat into my home and then getting angry with me when I show her whats what. I was just furious so I scratched the hell out of one of the humans. I assumed they understood I mean buisness but lately they have both taken to yelling at me when I get too close to the new cat so the hell with them! They'll all miss me when I'm gone. I'm a much better cat than her anyways! So I just keep my distance from that cat and only get close for the occational sniff sniff when she's asleep.

Ooooh and one more thing, this cat has a horrible singing voice! She sounds like a dying people the way she screaches and howls when she tosses a temper tantrum. I would Never behave like that! Well isn't that just like a woman.

The people left for some time and that wasn't so bad. A food slave came to bring me my daily feedings and treats. A nice food slave too. I liked this one! The other cat though, was loud and obnoxiously scared the whole time they were gone. I kinda would have felt bad for her were she not so damned annoying. When the people got back from where ever it was they go for so long well I was just thrilled! Gosh they were glad to see me too. They even gave me treats and pettings just for being my cute adorable self. Usually they don't do that!

Well they say it's a new year so I decided to make a post and a few resolutions, which are...

I will not smack the white kitty anymore... just bite her.
I will not slice the furniture for fun... unless it deserves it.
I will not make pyramids out of my poop... the people say its weird.

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Spiders are apparently high in protien and terrify the humans.... damn whimps.

Jun. 18th, 2006 | 11:05 pm
You can find me...: SLEEEEEEEPING!
Feeling...: annoyed annoyed
Hearing the sounds of...: annoying human noise!

Okay I just got yelled at for not eating enough bugs. WHAT THE FUCK YO! Okay I am a cat. C! A! T! CAT! I am NOT your own personal bug murdering machine. You want a spider to die well then you might just have to get up off your fat lazy ass and go kill it yourself. How you like them niptreats buddy?

Yeah do not drag me out of my nice comfy nap to shove my face against a bug on the wall and expect me to just kill it for you. Be a man for fucks sakes and eat it yourself! I'm full. I just filld up on cat crunchies and I am not in the mood or spider. Spiders don't taste too good to begin with. They squish more than crunch when you eat them. Oh hell I just haven't felt much like bug chasing lately really.

Ugh I so just don't wanna deal with spiders right now. Go kill em yourself. I'm takin a nap and I do NOT want to be disturbed this time. Have I made my furry fat ass clear!?



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I still don't understand the... thing.

Jun. 18th, 2006 | 05:49 pm
You can find me...: Curled up on the kitty tree.
Feeling...: content content
Hearing the sounds of...: Teevy music

What is the thing in the big human room? I just don't understand what purpose this thing serves. The humans call it a "cat carrier" only it hasn't tried to carry me anywhere yet. I think it could be broken. Which is fine by me because I don't want to go anywhere at all. The "cat carrier" however has slowly been trying to eat my food. Every day or so my food bowl moves closer and closer to the thing. In a few days it might actually be INSIDE the thing. I don't want that doo-hicky eating me food! I have to work damn hard to get fed around here. Sheba knows the humans don't remember to feed me unless I get sassy about it.

The last few days I haven't felt like doing much more than play rabidly with my mousies or else lay down dead tired on my cat tree. This afternoon though the humans did the same thing! They laid in there human sized bed and napped almost all day long. I thought wow thats great and went to join in with them. It was pretty warm and cozy laying on ManDee's legs or snuggling Paul's feet. I got up though when they started grooming each other. It's so weird when humans do that. I just do not understand people.

I'm gonna go have a nap now. Mrew. Oh and Paul told me Sean likes my journal more than his, ha ha sucka! Mrew. Cats rule and bi-pedals drool... no he really does. That man drools more than most dogs I know.


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Puurrrrrrrrr so lazy

Jun. 15th, 2006 | 06:13 pm
You can find me...: On the bed
Feeling...: relaxed relaxed
Hearing the sounds of...: My purrring

I haven't been doing much lately. I just have not had the ambition. I just feel lazy. Relaxed and lazy.

The humans have been trying to get me to play a bit here and there but screw it. I am a cat and they are not the boss of me. I will play if and when I want to. The bed is a comfortable place to be and I do not want to leave it. The bed and the floor infront of the invisible wall. The bed and the floor infront of the invisible wall AND the closet. Yes. That is where I want to be.

Mmmm warm shiney sun... puurrrrrrrrrr.


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Reew! Strangers!

Jun. 12th, 2006 | 10:47 am
You can find me...: In the closet under some clothes shaking like a leaf!
Feeling...: Afraid! Afraid!
Hearing the sounds of...: Scary Sounds!

Scared. Strangers. Came in. I ran. I am not afraid to admit that I ran! ManDee scared them off! YAY! I would go thank her accept whenever I try to leave the closet I hear things, scary things! I think I'll just stay in the closet a bit longer... the closet is my friend.

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